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who we are?

Mermaid Studios is a leading User Experience Studio based in Berlin.

We utilise disruptive technologies to build creative solutions.


In order to develop innovative solutions, you need to combine great technology with its viability and desirability for which the user needs to be in the center of the process.


Find new ways to create value for your customers and stand out from the competition. We’ll support you with workshops and development to create a cutting edge solution!

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Mermaid Studios Methodology

We help you conceptualise, develop and rollout software solutions at scale that create true value for you and your customers. By combining a value driven, solution focused approach with our technology expertise, we bring your customer experience to new heights.

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Research & Discovery

What is the actual problem you want to solve?

By gathering insights from users & experts we identify the actual pain points in order to understand the true, underlying needs of the end user.

Design Thinking Workshop

How can we solve the problem?

By guiding you from the problem space into the solution space, evaluating the collected data & coming up with ideas for a meaningful solution.

Quick Prototyping

How to endorse the solution?

By creating a tangible first prototype, the actual framework of the solution, in order to test it, get quick end-user feedback & iterate.

Agile Software Development

How to go live?

With our agile software development we are turning your prototype into a fully functional solution in no time!

About Disruptive Technologies

In our workshops, we determine the right technology for your solution. We don't follow trends, we evaluate which technology solves the problem best and is suitable to build a sustainable solution for your business.

One of those technologies is Proximity Technology. Through Proximity, you can approach users based on their physical location. This enables you to reach your target group at the perfect moment to trigger a desired action.

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Connected Fan Experience

Strengthen the connection between your team and their fans with Stadium 4.0! Your fans will feel the difference: a personalized welcoming via real-time recognition the moment the step into the stadium, getting rid of long queues for drinks & food and no worries about forgotten wallets anymore: all they need to do is order & pay from their phone. Excited? Now, sat on your chair and enjoy the match, the show has just begun!

Personalized Travel

Enable your customers to focus on what matters to them most: no stress, no worry, enjoying their vacation! How? By putting all their needs in one platform: Getting inspired. Getting a personalized itinerary. And having a personal travel guide by your side. Whenever & wherever you need them.

Smart Healthcare

Enable your patients and staff to focus on their needs & well-being by shaping a connected mobile experience which allows easy communication, recognizing your patients & their preferences, localizing assets and seamlessly navigating through your facilities.

Seamless Aviation

Create a personalized & connected experience for your passengers. Seamlessly guide them through each touch point of their journey, offering them tailored service options, from the moment they get in touch with your airline until they arrive at their final destination! We help you to increase loyalty and boost your net promoter score by exceeding your passengers expectations!

Omnichannel Retail

Did you ever walk into a store, it’s crowded, you’re looking for something, can’t find it and something you we’re super excited about just turns into a completely stressful situation within 2 seconds? Retail is changing, with an enormous untapped potential! It’s time to create a better customer experience - it needs to merge with your digital strategy and become omnichannel, to retarget offline & online!


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Our clients & partners

Our clients & partners