Our expertise lies in the development of insights that fuel the creation of innovative solutions.

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How Design Thinking helps us to solve your problem?

Design Thinking starts with gaining deep empathy for all users and stakeholders involved. This enables us to identify the optimal solution that finds the right balance between people’s desires, technological feasibility and business viability.

How our technology sets us apart?

By using proximity technology, such as beacons, we trigger specific actions, at specific places, for specific people, using content that is only relevant to them! All functionalities are SDK based, which means super easy to integrate in your existing application!

Beacon & Geofence Recognition

Recognize people in real-time as they approach a defined area.

Indoor Navigation

People can easily be directed to where they intend to go and also shown points of interest that match their preferences in their profile.

Management Dashboard

Manage all campaigns for your target groups and take the advantage of analysing collected data.

Hyperlocal Marketing & Messaging

Interact with your customers and benefit from tailor made messaging.

Proximity Feedback

Send time and location based feedback requests. collect & evaluate crucial insights.

Backend Integrations

Integrate our technology into your technological landscape and ERP systems.

Keyless Access

Allow dynamic access rights by distributing digital keys directly into your app for employees or clients.

Proximity Payment

Accept digital payment without the hassle of setting up your own payment infrastructure.

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