The Zeitgeist of Technology and Riding the Wave of the Digital Revolution

Innovation is one of these buzzwords that just keeps cropping up, especially when it comes to business development and increasing revenue. As we approach the crest of the digital revolution, this is becoming an essential factor to integrate into business. You have to become innovative in order for your company to stay afloat in an ever-competitive market. But how can this be achieved, and how do we, Mermaid Studios, come into the equation?

"IT and business are becoming inextricably woven. I don't think anyone can talk meaningfully about one without talking about the other" (Bill Gates), Mermaid Studios enables this transition. We value the personalised, human factor in business. Omni-channelling, another buzzword, springs to mind. This is what we thrive on; integrating the digital world with your reality to achieve a better customer experience.

For example, IBM is an business IT consulting company which has been remained strong in the market for 107 years! Even Apple uses IBM Watson (IBM's AI star child) in their products. How has IBM maintained this? From inventing the first PC (personal computer) transitioning to software solutions in recent decades, the company has remained true to the Zeitgeist of technology by remaining in a state of constant evolution. They have adapted to a dynamic business environment, taking risks, making investments, and encouraging their employees and customers to grow together with IBM. This is a prime example of how innovation keeps business strong, successful and profitable. At Mermaid Studios, our speciality is client innovation and creating personalised solutions to suit their niche. Our greatest value is creating the perfect solution for the client, something unique; the shoe that fits! We help our customers overcome road blockers, boost their growth and realise their business potential. Together, we will build the next big thing.

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