Understand your target group

Market & User Research

Why is it important?

The purpose of market research is to validate that there 

is a market for the new solution and identify what needs 

are to be met in order to succeed. 


By using market and user research we are able to identify 

risks early, validate problems and discover user needs.

We are the link between you and the customer

To align ourselves with the user's needs, we conduct 

in depth market and user research. 


To conduct this research, we define the research criteria, 

prepare the relevant guides and go into the field for you, 

thereby allowing us to develop a clear understanding of the 

end user.

Visible results

We then go on to evaluate the results in order to give you a 

clear understanding of the market and users. 


Depending on our research results, we either validate our 

initial problem definition, or define a new project direction 

with you.

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