From idea to prototype in short time

Prototyping & Testing

Why does that matter?

During the Ideation & Creation workshops, you can

in addition, develop and test paper prototypes with

us in an extra session.

You will learn how to visualise ideas quickly and cost

effectively and also test functionalities based on

design criteria.

We prototype together

In the first step, we help you build a paper prototype,

whereby you will learn how to turn an idea into a prototype

within a very short time and without costs.

Concurrently, we jointly develop specific design

criteria. We use these criteria as guidelines to evaluate

the success of the prototype. This allows us accelerate

the design process with clear specifications.

We test together

Here you learn the basics of effective testing. We guide you

through a user-tested building and how to ask questions

based on the pre-determined criteria in order to uncover


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