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Hester Hilbrecht - Founder of Mermaid Studios
Hester Hilbrecht - Founder of Mermaid Studios

Who is Mermaid Studios? Who is Hester?

My name is Hester, a true born & raised “Berlinerin”! ☺ After many years of experiences in the Corporate, Tech- & Start-up World I have founded my own User Experience Studio Mermaid Studios bringing together two things I am truly passionate about: Design Thinking and User Experience!

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Why Design Thinking?

My passion for Design Thinking flourished at the Hasso Plattner School of Design Thinking in Potsdam. There I learned the true power of what it means to put the user in the center of all processes to ultimately develop solutions that fulfil real needs for an innovative & meaningful outcome!


Upon my experience at the School of Design Thinking I moved to the place where it all began - Silicon Valley in California! I kicked off my adventure at SAP with the mission to infuse their developers with Design Thinking methodologies.

The do's and don'ts of the corporate world I learned within my 6 year-era of working at SAP in various departments and countries. At SAP I worked as a Design Strategist, a Design Thinking Evangelist as well as a Co-Innovator. In all positions I worked closely with the customers and our development teams to integrate the users' needs into new products and services that were created.

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Leveraging the intersection of Tech & Design Thinking

During my SAP time in California and back in Berlin I've not only worked on market changing products but also had the honor to give Design Thinking insights at TEDx and Xerox by PARC. After being back in Berlin for some time I got really curious to learn more about the Startup & Tech-Scene.

So I joined conichi which is an award-winning tech solution to make hotel stays seamless and built up their new brand "conichiwa", a Proximity Agency enabling customers from various industries, such as aviation, healthcare, retail and more to connect their offline business with their online strategy by using market-leading beacon-based recognition technology.

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The Mermaid Studios Style – a team of true achievers!

All these experiences shaped the foundation, expertise and profound know-how of Mermaid Studios! I’ve put together a multidisciplinary team of top experts - true believers and achievers!

All team members have been in the field of Design Thinking, User Experience Design, Creating & Developing for many years and it is our mission to create digital solutions that are meaningful and bring true value to you and your customers!

Let’s kick off this journey together – let’s shape your digital future!

Yours truly,